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Classes for the 2017 - 2018 are over.  We will begin in the Fall.

2017-2018 information.

This year we intend to offer Five Levels of Classes:
  1. Baby Steps with Jesus, Mary and Joseph (Pre-K & Kindergarten)
  2. Talking to God (Pre-Sacramental):  (First Grade)
  3. Sacramental Year (anyone 2nd – 6th who needs First or Solemn Communion)
  4. Post Sacramental R/E (2nd & 3rd graders who have had First/Solemn Communion)
  5. Graduate Post Sacramental R/E (4th, 5th, & 6th graders who have had First/Solemn Communion)
Classes will begin September 24.  First (or Solemn) Communion and May Crowning will be May 6, 2018.  All classes will be in the Lower-Level of the church after Mass and will last for about 50 minutes.  Appropriate snacks/light lunch will be served. 
To help cover the cost of the supplies and materials, we will follow the practice of other parishes and charge a fee for Religious Education this year, however, you will find our fee less than most others in the Denver area:
Sacramental Year:  $50
All other years:       $20
Family Maximum:  $70
(No child will be denied Religious Education due to costs. Please contact Father Andre or Linda Craven, Director of Religious Education, if you require assistance.)

Please complete a copy of the attached registration for each child in Religious Education (click here).  Bring your forms and payment (one check per family) to the meeting on September 17th.
If you have any questions, contact Linda Craven, Director of Religious Education, at 720-503-5010.
Finally, we need two things to successfully offer five classes this year:  Students and Teachers!  Our children still have much to learn about their faith, even after First Communion.  It is our job as parents and parish to provide the education.  Register your children for classes!  We also need your help as teachers, assistants, and substitutes.  Contact Linda to find out how you can help.

2017-2018 Religious Education Calendar

2017 - 2018 Syllabi & Reference Sheets


Pictures from the St. Rafka Play put on by the youth for St. Rafka's Feast Day!
(March 22, 2015)



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