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FATHER ANDRE said 2/8/2014 3:22:58 PM :
My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

It is the Feast Day of the Patron Saint of the Maronite Church: Saint Maron of Cyr the Hermit, who died in 410 A.D. Let us all be filled with gladness on this feast day, abounding in great mysteries, in graces, in Divine Blessings and in heroic virtues.

Today our prayers and congratulations are offered for our current Bishop A. Elias Zaidan, our retired Bishop Robert Shaheen, our Patriarch Bechara Rai, the Synod of all Maronite Bishops in the world, and all clergy and laity.

Here is how our sacred Liturgy describes Saint Maron and the Maronites using the Psalms:
“Do not be afraid little flock…You (God) in your hands you have planted them, you have nourished them. For not by the force of the sword they inherited the land. It was not their hand that saved them, but your Right hand and your arm and the light of your face for you were pleased with them… Therefore, we do not fear if the earth fell, or the mountains shook and were thrown in the bottom of the oceans… Look, all of you who are seeking the righteousness, the seekers of the Lord, look to the Rock from which you were molded. How beautiful are, on the mountains, the feet of the speakers of peace, the announcers of the good, the speakers of salvation.”

The name of Saint Maron has marked both the genesis and the destiny of the Maronites in the world. Patriarch Steven Douaihy was a famous Maronite patriarch who was born on August 2, 1630, on the feast day of Saint Steven, the first deacon and martyr and who died in 1704 in the monastery of Qannoubin in the Holy Valley in North Lebanon. While writing the history of the Maronites, Patriarch Douaihy discovered that the roots of this silent hermit of Cyr formed the living heart and the flowing holy blood that is fertile in sainthood and gospel witness. The aroma of the life and Antiochene character of Saint Maron still irrigate the Maronite church with saints, such as St. Sharbel and St. Rafka, and the profession of the apostolic faith today.

Saint Maron provides a school of holiness and guidance for people who are seeking the Kingdom of God and who are trying to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth. His charisma is formed of a series of contradictory factors that could only be reconciled in his personality and existential goal for he was a Christ-like disciple and apostle.

In his life, he moved between mysticism, evangelization, a solitary life and asceticism. However, this same saint and father was also the inspiration for and the foundation of the largest apostolic movement in the history of the Church in the East: the series of monasteries of Saint Maron that existed all over Syria and into Lebanon, and recently in the entire world. It was this series of monastic entities called “Beit Maroon” or the House of Maron that later on in the 7th and 8th centuries became known as the Maronite Church that has grown in parishes and dioceses.

My dear friends, it is my hope that together we will grow more in our knowledge, in our imitation of Christ, and in our apostolic mission in the same way of Saint Maron as his life forms a living book of guidance that we are called to follow. We can do that by acknowledging and accepting the gift of his life, which was made of asceticism and kindness, of monasticism and missionary work, for the sake of the salvation of all souls. Let us renew ourselves and claim again through penance, prayer and fasting as we approach Lent by being his children. Let the Holy Spirit instill in all of us the Spirit of our Father, whose name “Maroon” means the Little Master, and who was the image of truth, reflecting faithfully the true nature of Christ as Savior and as Son of God, as the “Moran” or the Big Master.

The natural place of the Maronites is finally in the heart of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We are not outsiders to the mainstream church for our roots go back to Antioch, the city where the disciples of Christ were first called Christians.

Consequently, we have a flavor but we are not ethnic, we have a character but we are not a national church, we have spirituality but we are not a sect that is separated from our Holy Mother Church.
Let us encourage one another and participate more in the sacred Liturgy of our Maronite Church, in honor of our father Saint Maron. Let us secure the future of our church, which was always united by the acknowledgement of her apostolic roots and the commitment to her master and great Lord Jesus Christ.

Finally, the conscience of the Maronites, according to the charisma of her Archetype who is Saint Maron, is the awareness of our mission to accomplish redemption and instill love in the world. We are the little flock who after many persecutions throughout history has learned to give ourselves in self-sacrifice for the sake of others, especially non-Christians. Today the Maronites have a special calling to be a bridge of knowledge, mutual respect and coexistence between East and West, between Christians, Jews, Muslims and all people of good will for the sake of peace and faith.

With this, the mission of every Maronite is to reinstall unity amongst Christians and to make peace in the world, using the spirit of poverty and pursuing the monastic values of community life made of meditations and love for the Holy Eucharist and for Our Lady the Mother of God, Our Lady of the Patriarchs, Our Lady of Divine Mercy.

Fr. Andre Y-Sebastian Mahanna, S.T.L.; S.L.L.
Feb 9- 2014

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