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FR. ANDRE MAHANNA said 3/14/2013 12:39:39 AM :
March 13, 2013
In a little bit , smoke is expected to rise from the Vatican again, indicating whether or not the cardinals have elected the new pope or not yet.
We wish and pray and ask the cardinals Electors to pay attention to the East and elect Patriarch Rai as Pope. And here is why: dearest brothers and sisters on facebook, Maronite youth, the world is in need for such radical hope. He will be a great heir of the legacy of the three great popes: Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI. He will be a great instrument for peace between religions in the Middle East, he will be an instrumental pillar of security for the billions of people of good will, living in the far east all the way to India and China. He will be a credible promoter of Justice, Freedom of Religion, and a restitution for the dignity of the human rights for people in Africa.
He will be a faithful and inspiring alternative and a practical builder of ecumenical bridges towards the complete and longed hoped for unity with the Orthodox Church: from Greece, to Turkey, to the Holy Land, to Russia and Eastern Europe. A true fruit of the collegiality of the bishops in the world, an expression for the success of the ardent faith of all eastern Patriarchs. I think a probable election as Pope if it is God’s will to His Beatitude Mar Bechara Peter Cardinal Rai, and of course with the proper and adequate team around him, will be an opportunity for the entire Eastern Church to take back the Universal church to its Apostolic roots, simple spirituality and divine Foundation. He will be a Possible Good shepherd who comes out straight from the gospel of Christ, and from the mount of Olives to confirm again the true identity of the Church as Universal. He will be the echo of the validity of the existential sacrifices Christians have bore in all of the East and deprived Western countries of Latin America. He would be a great reward for the Historical aspirations of the blood of martyrs, refugees, persecuted Christians in all over the historic Eastern Roman Empire, especially for the survivors from the evil genocides which took place in the last hundred years against Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in Irak, Armenians in Armenia and Turkey, Syria and elsewhere, The millions of good Jews and Christians who were killed under Hitler and his Supporters.... So we pray that at this time the Lord is looking over his people in that part of the world and that from the small town of "Lebanon” will come out a scepter and shepherd for the world, who governs in justice, who acts in mercy, and who speaks in divine wisdom, all for the salvation of the world, the upbuilding of the Holy, Catholic and Universal Church, and the Absolute Glory of God.
We Pray, and this is our wish. Yet we believe and obey the Elected Pope regardless of our wish, and trust the decision of the Cardinals Electors for whoever they end up choosing with the help of God.

Fr. Andre Y-Sebastian Mahanna S.T.L.
St. Rafka Maronite Catholic Church, Denver, CO.
Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, Director.
USA 303-882-1406
Rome +39-333-979-4070
Beirut +961-70-44-3003

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