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FATHER ANDRE said 9/20/2013 2:46:48 PM :
Part II Syria and U.S. Intervention

We believe that the people who ordered the use of chemical weapons should be brought to justice and prosecuted under international law, and not to impose punitive damages on the Syrian people, who in case of a possible strike will suffer more devastation, including more deaths and more dispersement inside and outside their country.

All of the above suggest that a reform in our American foreign policy and our understanding to what we call national security is needed immediately. In such a way that we as Americans can and will widen our sources of information to be more inclusive of both religious and secular leaders of the Middle East.

The Vatican, since Pope Benedict XVI to Pope Francis I and since Oct. 10-24, 2010 till the latest initiatives of Pope Francis: the fasting and vigil prayer for Syria last week, the letter to Russian President Putin as host of the G20, suggests a peaceful resolution and elimination of the use of weapons and the pursuit of war and violence in reason to serve justice.

I was part of the Synod of the Churches of the Middle East that was called in by Pope Benedict on Oct 10-24, 2010. The pope personally lead and presided the entire Synod, discussing and culling information on all levels for the overall situation not only concerning Christians but more so Jews and the Jewish state, the Palestinian State, the life between Jews, Christians and Muslims as well as all people of the Middle East to live together in peace and harmony, in conviviality as to work together for prosperity and fair distribution of goods.

The Vatican, as a State and as a center of the Catholic Church, and with the agreement and cooperation of the Orthodox Churches in the Middle East and in the world are working together and cannot be ignored as they represent almost 2 billion people along with the evangelical churches. Their vision and field work must be considered as a reference and a way to make peace. The church in its many specific synods and letters is trying to help governments in the world to make sure peace is pursued and justice is accomplished. The information the churches already gathered in this area is most important, as a matter of fact. This is why our American Government should always take in consideration the perspective of the Church in this regard, for it communicates closely with people, it knows the reality of their problems, and it offers solutions.

The patriarchs of all the churches in the Middle East, both Catholic and Orthodox, are trying to send a message that the kidnapping and killing of Christians leaders -- the two bishops, the priests and nuns who have been killed and massacred -- also are horrible evil acts and must be part of our defense of humanity.

It is time for us Americans and the American government to understand and assimilate the importance of the religious factor as the predominant place where actions are planned or warned about in the Middle East.
In a special way, the religious perspective of Christian churches in the Middle East with the help of the Vatican already has been studied and analyzed along with suggested resolutions that could be applied by the United States. These resolutions will make America the true hero of peace, a promoter of justice, a leading nation that safeguards both religion and politics, which usually in the Middle East breeze together in the same body of anthropological humanity.

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